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Cold Brew Dashi (Mizu Dashi, 水だし)

Have you ever made Dashi (Japanese soup stock) with cold water?Because it takes time to extract the umami, the taste of Cold Brew Dashi is lighter, purer, and more elegant than the Hot Brew Dashi. It can be used for all kinds of cooking, such as Miso soup, Udon soup, and simmered dishes.I always keep […]


Combined Japanese broth (Awase dashi, 合わせ出汁)

Japanese Dashi broth a very essential component in Japanese cooking. It contains a lot of savory flavors ”umami” extract from dried ingredients. “Combined Japanese Dashi broth, Awase Dashi” is the most commonly used Japanese Dashi broth made from dried bonito flakes and dried kelp. The bonito flakes mainly contain an animal umami element called inosinic […]