Month: March 2020

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Rice balls (Onigiri, おにぎり)

Rice balls are called both Onigiri and Omusubi in Japanese, meaning the same one. They are generally made by holding rice lightly, putting something in, and wrapping with roasted seaweed (Nori). Give it a try with your favorite filling. Level: Easy Yield: –Prep time:0 minutes Cook time:15 minutes INGREDIENTS Steamed short-grain Japanese rice Sea salt […]


Combined Japanese broth (Awase dashi, 合わせ出汁)

Japanese Dashi broth a very essential component in Japanese cooking. It contains a lot of savory flavors ”umami” extract from dried ingredients. “Combined Japanese Dashi broth, Awase Dashi” is the most commonly used Japanese Dashi broth made from dried bonito flakes and dried kelp. The bonito flakes mainly contain an animal umami element called inosinic […]